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Today the role of the mass login.secureserver.net  media to people who really vital.khususnya penyiaran.Sebagai media audio media and audio-visual, radio and television have an active role in delivering a wide range information.And with many advantages compared to the print media, television and radio programs that are able to give presentation more informative, creative and educative, both artistic and journalistic work. Therefore, the broadcast media has become a commodity world community.
The development of the science of communication and information technology has brought great changes in the world of television and radio penyiaran.Sejak discovery by scientists, this electronic media continues to experience growth from time to time.
The long journey to the current broadcast media is a great achievement that is generated by the ilmuwan.Penting to learn how the early history of television and radio is an effective medium for public television and radio media dunia.Karena is a capital-intensive industry, technology-intensive and resource-intensive human . sevis
B. Purpose
The purpose of this paper is that people know the early history of television and radio broadcasting in the world, especially in Indonesia and its development over time.